At Hallmark Youthcare, we treat adolescents with emotional and behavioral issues triggered by trauma, loss, neglect, abuse.  Individualized, youth focused  and family driven services are provided to treat the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual impacts from experiencing trauma. We strive to educate and empower youth and their families to overcome their difficulties and fulfill their potential.

Hallmarks residential program uses The Sanctuary Model, a comprehensive approach to providing a safe, supportive, secure and therapeutic environment to promote healing. Building on the strengths of each child, our program addresses four key areas:



S – Safety: physical, emotional, social, and moral
E – Emotional regulation skills
L – Loss and trauma therapy
F – Future vision and goals for a better life


These four areas are known as the SELF framework. Every aspect of residential care, from community living to therapy, incorporates an emphasis on these areas.

Components of Residential Treatment

Hallmark Youthcare’s comprehensive Adolescent Residential Treatment Program offers a multidisciplinary approach to individualized care. This includes the following components as appropriate:

  • Ages 11-17Clinical, Educational, Recreational, Therapeutic Living Community, Natural Supports : : Personalized
  • 24/7 psychiatrist and nursing coverage
  • Comprehensive discharge planning
  • Individual, group and family therapies; Hallmark emphasizes family involvement and works with geographically distant families as needed.
  • Psychoeducation groups: anger management, chemical dependency education, sanctuary tools, moral reasoning, social skills, and leisure awareness
  • Activities Therapy (music therapy, yoga, recreation, community outings, etc)
  • Comprehensive educational services licensed by the Virginia Department of Education
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Substance abuse and chemical dependence treatment services – both individual and group services
  • Structured daily milieu designed to promote appropriate social interaction and utilization of newly learned shills
  • Ability for virtual court
  • Early Discharge Planning
  • Discharge planning and transitional services
  • Post discharge follow up and support
  • Family reunification
  • Family conflict resolution training
  • Pediatric medical Services
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Services

Who is required to follow this model?

Everyone!  Youth, families, community support, and all staff participate and practice the 7 commitments of Sanctuary every day.

  1. Nonviolence: Being safe outside (physically), inside (emotionally), and with others (social), and doing the right thing (moral). 
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Managing our feelings so that we do not hurt ourselves or others. 
  3. Social Learning: Respecting and sharing the ideas of our teams.
  4. Shared Governance: Shared decision making.
  5. Open Communication: Saying what we mean and not being mean when we say it. 
  6. Social Responsibility: Together we accomplish more; everyone makes a contribution to the organizational culture. 
  7. Growth and Change: Creating hope for our youth and ourselves.