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Hallmark Youthcare (Richmond, Virginia)

Residential Treatment


At Hallmark Youthcare, we treat adolescents with emotional and behavioral issues triggered by trauma. Loss, neglect, abuse, and/or other traumas affect development in myriad physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual ways. Traumatized children develop strategies for coping- some functional and some dysfunctional. We strive to empower youth and their families to overcome their difficulties and fulfill their potential.

After researching trauma-informed best practices for residential care, Hallmark Youthcare selected The Sanctuary Model, a comprehensive approach to providing a safe, supportive, secure and therapeutic environment to promote healing. We are the first Residential Treatment Center in Virginia to seek certification in this renowned approach.

The Sanctuary Model

Founded by Sandra Bloom, M.D., The Sanctuary Model is an empirically supported trauma-informed model for residential services. Building on the strengths of each child, our program addresses four key areas:

S – Safety: physical, emotional, social, and moral
E – Emotional regulation skills
L – Loss and trauma therapy
F – Future vision and goals for a better life

These four areas are known as the SELF framework. Every aspect of residential care, from community living to therapy, incorporates an emphasis on these areas. Every staff member, including housekeepers, maintenance personnel, and dietary workers as well as administrators, teachers, nurses, therapists and mental health technicians, are trained in this model and seek to support residents in these key areas.

Overview: Core Services/Continuum of care

Our residents are unique individuals and require personalized services. We provide a continuum of care tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident.

Clinical, Educational, Recreational, Therapeutic Living Community, Natural Supports : : Personalized

Yvonne Campbell

Message from the Director of Residential Services:

As the Director of Residential Services, I am committed to providing all of the residents at Hallmark Youthcare the care and services I would expect for my own family member. To ensure this, I ask myself the following key questions:

Where are we? In a Sanctuary
I work with our training department and departmental managers to ensure that every staff member understands the Sanctuary Model and their role in providing a Sanctuary for residents and one another. We strive to remember the trauma and other difficulties these teenagers have endured in their past as well as the difficulty of living away from home as we tend to their daily physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social needs.

Why are we here? To heal and to serve
Every staff member understands that our work is a meaningful mission. We are at Hallmark Youthcare for more than a paycheck. We want to make a difference in the lives of youth and their families.

What are we? Committed to excellence
The Clinical Team researches evidence-based best practices to implement in treatment. We employ only well-qualified and highly motivated Psychiatrists, Program Therapists, Activity Therapists, Nurses, Teachers, and Mental Health Technicians. We emphasize continuing education in trauma-informed care and best practices.
Our Housekeeping and Maintenance Departments are committed to providing a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for residents who make this their home for several months. Our Dietary Department ensures that tasty, nutritious foods are served.

I hope you will find that we have succeeded in meeting the needs of youth and families with care, compassion and effective interventions.

Yvonne Campbell, L.C.S.W.


A Virginia, D.C. and Maryland Medicaid Provider. Tricare TRICARE Approved.
Licensed By: Department of Mental Heath


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