Short Term Residential Care

Hallmark Youthcare is committed to meeting the needs of youth in the least restrictive environment. Sometimes a youth requires a short stay to meet their needs before stepping down to a less secure placement or returning home. Our Treatment Team works closely with the resident, family and referral source to determine the most beneficial length of stay.


Clinical Services

The Treatment Team personalizes our range of clinical services, including

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Psychiatric services weekly
  • Nursing services 24/7
  • Individual Therapy three times per week. Therapists often employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when working with residents because this is an evidence-based best practice.
  • Family Therapy weekly
  • Process Group Therapy three times per week
  • Psychoeducational Groups (Anger Management, Chemical Dependency Education, Sanctuary psychoeducation, and Mind-Body education)
  • Activity Therapy #times per week
  • Life Skills Training
  • Case management
  • Sanctuary “Red Flag” meetings to address special concerns for a resident
  • Early Discharge Planning
  • Discharge planning and transitional services
  • Post discharge follow up and support
  • Family reunification
  • Family conflict resolution training
  • Pediatric medical Services
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Services

Therapeutic Community Living

Nurses and Mental Health Technicians trained in the Sanctuary Model provide 24/7 attention and supervision to residents. Safety of residents and staff is of primary importance. Twice daily, residents hold Sanctuary Community Meetings designed to assist with social skills, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation skills, and goal-setting. Residents are supported in their efforts to independently perform personal hygiene, room cleaning, laundry, stress management and social skill building in the residential community.

Recreational Services

Our Activities Therapy Department works with residents independently and in groups to teach them how to enjoy leisure time in fun, safe and cooperative ways.

Natural Supports

Discharge planning begins upon admission. Program Therapists work closely with families and referral sources to identify the best services and supportive persons in the resident’s community to help ensure the youth’s success upon return to a less restrictive environment.