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Hallmark Youthcare (Richmond, Virginia)

Intensive In-Home Family Services

Hallmark Intensive In-Home Family Services draws upon both a multi-systemic and strength-based model that promotes individual skills and responsibility, while addressing identified problems. Strength-based counseling involves looking beyond the surface of negative behavior in an attempt to understand it as a way of coping with hardships and adversities. Specifically, this approach provides a model for identifying and accessing strengths masked behind problem behaviors. Multisystemic counseling means our clinical staff is actively including the natural environments of an individual in the counseling process.

The Philosophy of the program is based on a psychosocial framework of reference which accepts the innate worth of each individual and family and respect their right to self-determination. Interventions are family focused, adolescent and child-centered and solution-focused. Hallmark believes that every family has strengths which can be enhanced to help each member of the family in meeting their needs and improve their overall functioning. Because the services are offered in the home, it increases the likelihood that Hallmark can capture the entire family system and move them as a unit towards sustainable health. If the entire family is healthier, it will increase the probability of success for the child/adolescent to remain safely within the home environment.

  • Core Principles of Hallmark’s Treatment Philosophy
  • All people have the capacity to learn and grow.
  • All people are to be treated with respect and dignity
  • Culture and ethnicity play an important role as sources of strength and enrichment for the person. All services are designed to address the unique needs of each individual, consistent with the individual’s cultural values and norms.
  • Recognition of the importance of family in the treatment process
  • Services are coordinated, accessible, and available as long as needed
  • A dedication to evidence-based treatment and to the best practices in the field.

Valerie Carter-Williams, Community-Based Director

As the Director of Community Based Services, I value families and the difficult task of raising a family in an ever changing society. I ask myself, how would I want someone to relate to my family? The answer – with a nonjudgmental attitude, acceptance, the right of self-determination, respect for worth and dignity, uniqueness, individuality, and problem-solving capacities, and relating with empathy and authenticity. It is these core values of Social Work Principles in which we strive to impart in all of our interactions.

I strongly believe that each family has the capacity to solve their problems and it is our job to support, listen and provide guidance when needed. We are there to demonstrate to them that they have all the strengths and gifts needed to improve their lives.

Valerie Carter-Williams, LCSW


A Virginia, D.C. and Maryland Medicaid Provider. Tricare TRICARE Approved.
Licensed By: Department of Mental Heath


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