Hallmark Packing List – What to Bring


Authorized Hallmark Youthcare Possessions

Personal property storage is extremely limited at Hallmark.  We ask that you only bring the items approved using the lists below.  All luggage and duffle bags will be stored in the storage room. Property items can’t be retrieved once your property has been checked in and placed in storage. Property items will be retrieved on your discharge day.


  • 10 Shirts/Tops
  • 10 Pairs Pants/Bottoms (Jeans/Sweats/Shorts)
  • 1 Dress Item Pant/Skirt/Dress For Court Or Fapt
  • 2 Sets P.J.’S & 1 Robe
  • 2 Pair Shoes Steel Toes Or Heeled Boots Not Permitted
  • Unlimited Socks/Underwear/Bras
  • 1 Slippers
  • 1 Swim Suit (One Piece Required)
  • 1  Pair Flip Flops
  • 1 Light Jacket
  • 1 Heavy Jacket

Personal Items

  • 1 Stuffed Animal
  • 1 Favorite Blanket Or Comforter
  • 2 Posters
  • 5 Books
  • 2 Family Pictures Not Framed
  • Residents Will Be Provided With Linens And Bath Towels

Hygiene Items

Provided by Hallmark


You are not allowed to have money in your possession at any time. It is considered contraband.  Money received from your family or guardian (during visits or through the mail) must be given to the Activity Therapy Staff to be deposited into your account.  This money can be used during outings, passes, at the AT store, or to purchase snacks from the Fun Cart.

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Hallmark Packing List

Dress Code

Residents are responsible for their own personal belongings. The program will not accept responsibility for loss or damage. We recommend you not bring in expensive clothing and or, jewelry.  All electronic equipment is prohibited. Clothing and personal items will be inventoried on admission. You are not to exchange; share clothes or personal belongings while at Hallmark.

  1. Tops and bottoms are to be worn at all times on the unit.
  2. Shoes or socks required at all times on the unit.
  3. Shorts must at least reach mid-thigh.
  4. All tops must cover belly button.
  5. Sleepwear (including pajama bottoms) or slippers are not to be worn off the unit.
  6. Shoes are required while off of the unit.
  7. You are not allowed to cut your clothing.
  8. You cannot wear underwear as clothing or allow underwear to show.
  9. Clothing must be clean and presentable at all times.
  10. Wearing gang-related clothing or colors is not permitted; this includes du-rags or bandanas. (Gang-related clothing is considered contraband)
  11. Pierced earrings/studs may only be worn in your ears. Cannot be worn on other body parts. (Tongue-rings are considered contraband)
  12. Borrowing and lending is not permitted.
  13. You must have sleepwear on at night.
  14. Articles displaying drug/alcohol themes, satanic/sexual themes, violence or other materials deemed inappropriate by staff are not allowed.
  15. Steel toes or heeled boots are not permitted.
  16. No belts are allowed, this includes draw strings in Hoodies, sweatpants, gym shorts and pajama pants
  17. Residents are allowed to wear “hoodies” however, during school, groups, AT, and community activities you may be asked to lower the hood off of your head.
  18. No Shoe Strings.

For the Boys

  1. “Sagging” is inappropriate and is not allowed at this facility. You will be directed to “pull up your pants” or change into something else.
  2. Hats or skullcaps, du-rags may only be worn in your room.
  3. Sleeveless t-shirts are not to be worn off the unit.
  4. Swimsuits are to be worn in the pool area only; no “speedos” or tight fitting swimsuits are allowed.

For the Girls

  1. Spaghetti strapped tops or strapless tops are not permitted.
  2. “Sagging” is inappropriate and is not allowed at this facility. You will be directed to “pull up your pants” or change into something else.
  3. No see-through tops.
  4. No skin-tight outfits.
  5. When wearing stretch-type pants, tops must be long enough to cover buttocks.
  6. Skirts and dresses must come within four inches of your knee.
  7. Swimsuits are to be worn in the pool area only and ONLY one-piece suits are allowed.

If staff determines your clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked to change clothes. Failure to change clothes will prevent you from leaving the unit. Any inappropriate clothing will be placed in storage or sent home.