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Hallmark Youthcare (Richmond, Virginia)

Activity Therapy

The Activity Therapy Department provides a variety of meaningful, constructive programs in a safe, supportive environment that foster growth and opportunity for reintegration into the community. A.T. works closely with the multidisciplinary team in creating a welcoming, and nurturing milieu for residents in a way which honors and respects the resident’s strengths, gender, and age, ethnic and cultural differences. The programs are planned in accordance with the resident’s capabilities, interests, and needs based on the S.E.L.F. framework in order to promote healing. The activities will allow the residents to:

  • Feel empowered and to utilize their safety plan.
  • Express their emotions in a positive manner.
  • Develop positive coping skills to work through trauma, grief, and loss.
  • Set goals to assist them in moving towards the future.

Therapeutic recreation groups are scheduled each week to include team building and social skills. Team building is experiential therapy which uses a combination of initiatives, therapeutic group activities, and group building skills to foster self discovery, confidence, team work, communication, and group process. Social skills groups are structured activities that provide awareness of acceptable behaviors, build self esteem, self control, respect for the rights of others, and a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions. Leisure recreation groups include community outings, co-ed socials, sports and special activities. (ie: cooking, arts and crafts, music, and group games) These leisure awareness groups encourage the residents to develop skills that can be carried over to discharge in order to pursue personal interests and to better cope.


A Virginia, D.C. and Maryland Medicaid Provider.
Licensed By: Department of Mental Heath


Sanctuary® Certified Trauma Informed Treatment

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